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Cancellation of preferences when applying for Russian visas

From December 25, 2023 specific provisions of international treaties of the RF with the European Community, Denmark, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland on mutual simplification of the issuance of visas have been suspended. The relevant amendments were made on the basis of Federal Law No. 646-FZ of December 25, 2023.

Now citizens from the mentioned states are deprived of preferences when applying for Russian visas. Visa fees will be charged at the increased rate taking into account the provisions of Decree of the Russian Government No. 889 of November 11, 2010. In practice this will result in increase in the cost of the Russian visas for 50 - 300 US dollars (depending on urgency and multiplicity of the visa).

In addition, foreign citizens from the above states which were previously exempt from the visa fee will have to pay it when traveling to Russia. This applies to close family members; schoolchildren, students, post-graduate students entering Russia for study/internship; persons traveling on humanitarian grounds (for receipt of urgent medical care, visit of a seriously ill close family member); participants in youth international sports events; persons involved in scientific, cultural or creative activities, including university and other exchange programs, etc.

As follows from the explanatory note, cancellation of preferences for European citizens is aimed at synchronizing Russian visas issuance fees with the standards set by the EU, Denmark, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, since these states have earlier completely suspended mutual international treaties and introduced increased rates of the visa fees for the Russian citizens.