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The Central Bank of the RF eases restrictions on money transfers abroad for individuals

On April 01, 2022 the Central Bank of the RF eased restrictions on money transfer abroad for the individuals.

Now the individuals have the right to transfer no more than 10 (ten) thousand USD (or in an equivalent on other currency) from their account in a Russian bank to their own account or another person abroad during one month. These rules affect the following individuals:
  • Residents;
  • Non-residents from countries that do not support sanctions against the RF;
  • Non-residents from other countries who work in the RF under the employment agreements or civil law contracts.
For the money transfer it is necessary to submit an employment agreement or civil contract as well as document confirming the source of the incoming funds (from employment or other activities, e.g. a pay slip or other document).

The amounts of money transfers are calculated at the official rate of foreign currencies to the ruble established by the Bank of Russia on the date of the transfer order.