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Services proposal, mobilization

A most topical issue at the moment is mobilization and potential consequences for companies in this regard.

Every day companies and their employees face the necessity to solve urgent questions: from working out a strategy for the company operation in case of employees conscription to individual issues regarding the employees' rights and obligations in connection with their mobilization.

Can our company which is not from the defense industry field get exemption from military service for its employees to ensure uninterrupted business activity? Must the company hand in to the employee a conscription notice? How to formalise the suspension of the employment agreement? Which of the employees are subject to conscription according to military services record cards? This is a short list of questions that our company has been receiving lately. 

In this view our company has developed a wide range of services that will help you to quickly answer the most important questions and determine the right strategy for the company in the near future.

1. Online session lasting from 1 to 1.5 hours with answers to questions related to mobilization.

Employees' questions may include the following ones which can be amended if required:
  • Am I subject to partial mobilization?
  • How do I know if I'm in reserve?
  • Will I be conscripted if my military services record card is for category B?
  • Can I leave the country before/after I receive a conscription notice? What are the consequences for me?
  • I live abroad, what are the risks for me and the company?
  • What are the consequences of suspension of an employment contract?
  • Am I eligible for a military deferment in case I have a small child?
  • Can a conscription notice be handed in to me on the street?
  • In which cases I can refuse to accept a conscription notice?
  • Can the commissariat give me a prescription over the phone?
  • Which organization can support me in case of violation of my rights during mobilization?
  • How can an employer get an exemption from military service for its employees during the mobilization period?

2. Support for the Company in matters of military registration of employees and getting exemptions from military service for them: description of the procedure, communication with company's representatives and state bodies, current consulting and recommendations.

3. Representing employees' interests by a criminal lawyer in law enforcement bodies and in case of additional questions about the qualification of actions / inactions of the company's employees in connection with the mobilization announced in the Russian Federation.

4. Preparation of forms of the necessary personnel documents for formalisation of the suspension of employment agreements in connection with the conscription of employees for military service due to mobilization.

When consulting on matters relating to aspects of criminal law, we engage criminal lawyers in the respective region.

If you are interested in such a training or the above mentioned services we will be happy to send you information about our fees in this view.