Events (Мероприятия)

Balashova Legal Consultants (BLC) на осеннем заседании объединения европейских фирм Advoselect в Гааге

The Netherlands has a lot in common in the field of economics with Germany and is one of its most important trading partners. Nevertheless, there are some features that a German entrepreneur needs to know if he wants to create, for example, a branch in Amsterdam or purchase real estate in The Hague. During the autumn meeting of the European firms that are members of the association Ofadvoselect, which took place from October 4-7, 2018 in The Hague, representatives of the Dutch law firm Heffels Spiegeler Advocaten, which is a partner of the association, spoke about the norms and requirements in the field of corporate law, labor law, bankruptcy law, real estate and construction.

"On the one hand, during the meetings of the Advoselect association, the specifics of the country in which the host company is located are always in the foreground," explained the General Director of Advoselect Service AG, Ms. Viktoria Maruschka. "On the other hand, companies that are members of the association use such meetings to discuss topical issues in all areas of law, to exchange experience and implement joint projects." In The Hague, for example, the following part of the guide "Business in Europe" was developed, which will allow the law firms of the Advoselect association to provide comprehensive consulting services to international clients as soon as possible. Up-to-date information on countries will be presented on the website .

Another topic of the autumn session was digital business models. A report on opportunities and risks was made at a meeting of the expert committee on legislation in the field of IT/IP by Mr. Max Tebbe, representing Lück Invest, and topical issues in the field of e-commerce in the EU were also considered. In addition, Jacob Saß and Maximilian Koeppen, representing the Internet service provider advocado, presented their platform that allows them to act as intermediaries in the field of legal consulting and based on the same principle as for example, in the field of hotel business. For the firms of the Advoselect association, the use of digitization opportunities is interesting, first of all, from the point of view of extracting benefits equally for both clients and law firms.

About 60 lawyers and lawyers from more than 25 law firms from all over Europe, including the Managing Partner of Balashova Legal Consultants, Ms. Elena Balashova, took part in the autumn event of the association and used this opportunity to improve their own qualifications, exchange experience with colleagues and strengthen contacts. In addition, the international company Zschunke Avocats/Rechtsanwälte/Avvocati with its head office in Paris was represented at the event.