Anti-crisis advice and ongoing business support

In this difficult and uncertain time, we want to assure you that no matter how the situation develops, we remain in touch for you and are ready to support you and your business on all legal issues, including possible necessary personnel decisions in an emergency situation and sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation.


Labor law
  • Business trip for  work in  RF
  • Employment models
  • Employment contracts
  • Employment of company executives
  • Local regulations
  • Personnel structuring
  • Layoffs and   litigation
  • Collective labor law, trade unions
  • Labor inspection checks
  • Occupational safety surveys
  • Setting up work with   personal data of the company
  • Optimization of  staff costs
  • Bringing the company's international policies into compliance with Russian legislation, in including the provisions on commercial secrets and compliance
Corporate law
  • Organization of holding general meetings of participants and  
  • Corporate structure optimization
  • Making changes to the  constitutive documents of the company, including  change of address, bank card, opening/closing of OP
  • Accompanying the change of company management
  • Due Diligence
  • Carrying out and  preparation of any types of transactions,  including  as part of the reorganization of the company
  • Preparation of internal documents regulating the powers of authorized bodies of companies
  • Development of all types of contracts
  • Representing the interests of the company in arbitration courts in cases of debt recovery
  • Carrying out liquidation and  bankruptcy procedures of organizations
Migration Law
  • Advice on issues of secondment of foreign personnel, including  top management
  • Registration of permits for   work and   work visas, RVP and   residence permit
  • Representation of interests in migration authorities
  • Legal support in the   course of FMS inspections
  • Support in registration at the place of stay and migration registration
  • Legal support in litigation with state authorities, in including on entry ban and administrative expulsion
  • Appealing against decisions and   other acts of the state. authorities, including the imposition of administrative fines
  • Conducting an audit of compliance with the norms of migration legislation when attracting foreign citizens to  work

Labor disputes

  • Support in labor disputes, including those involving trade unions
  • Representing the interests of the client in collective bargaining and in relations with primary trade union organizations and higher trade unions
  • Representation in court of all instances on labor law issues
  • Identification, assessment and minimization of employer risks when hiring, transferring and dismissing personnel at all levels, including senior management and top management
  • Development of personnel dismissal schemes and support of dismissal procedures
  • Participation in negotiations upon dismissal of employees, mediation

Entering the Russian market

  • Choice of legal form
  • Creation of subsidiaries
  • Opening representative offices / branches / branches in Russia and CIS countries
  • Creation of LLC in Russia
  • Support on all matters of corporate law
  • Support on all labor law issues
  • Support on all issues of migration law

Transactions with real estate and construction

  • Legal support of real estate transactions, including land plots and industrial or residential facilities
  • Legal due diligence (legal examination of documents and objects)
  • Tax planning and cost optimization in real estate and land transactions
  • Registration of building permits
  • Representing the interests of the client in all government agencies and institutions on issues related to real estate
  • Preparation and execution of any registration actions with real estate
  • Preparation, selection and support of companies joining SROs

HR management and labor protection

  • Choice of legal form
  • Creation of subsidiaries
  • Opening representative offices / branches / branches in Russia and CIS countries
  • Creation of LLC in Russia
  • Support on all matters of corporate law
  • Support on all labor law issues
  • Support on all issues of migration law

Conducting seminars and trainings

  • Choice of legal for
  • Creation of subsidiaries
  • Opening representative offices / branches / branches in Russia and CIS countries
  • Creation of LLC in Russia
  • Support on all matters of corporate law
  • Support on all labor law issues
  • Support on all issues of migration law

Dispute Resolution

  • Representing the interests of creditors and debtors in the framework of bankruptcy procedures
  • Support at the stage of enforcement proceedings
  • Participation in court hearings on administrative cases, including disputes with government agencies
  • Participation in dispute settlement negotiations and conciliation procedures
  • Work with accounts receivable
  • Mediation and negotiation in any conflict situations between the parties
  • Litigation with customs authorities

Judicial representation

  • Disputes over the fulfillment of obligations from contracts (rent, sale, supply, construction contract, transportation, investment, etc.)
  • Participation in the consideration of separate disputes in bankruptcy cases (inclusion in the register, retrieval of documents, bringing to subsidiary liability, etc.)
  • Insurance disputes for the recovery of insurance compensation
  • Corporate disputes
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Countering consumer extremism
  • Division of property of spouses

Protection of intellectual property rights

  • Commercial concession agreements and license agreements
  • Registration of trademarks and patents
  • Registration of license agreements
  • Know-how protection
  • Internet protection (Internet sites)

Criminal law in business

  • Advice on criminal law matters
  • Anti-corruption audit
  • Analysis, development and implementation of compliance and business ethics programs
  • Conducting internal investigations
  • Representation in court for economic crimes

Tax structuring and consulting

  • Structuring deals
  • Tax expertise of contracts, groups of transactions, investment projects
  • Tax structuring of activities
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Preparation for tax audits
  • Tax audit
  • Identification of tax reserves and overpayments
  • Tax risk analysis
  • “Second opinion”: reassessment of tax risks and stress tests
  • Oral and written advice on tax issues and issues of currency legislation of current activities

Tax audit

  • Analysis of the main tax liabilities and risks of the client, including: income tax, VAT, analysis of counterparties and transactions with them to identify the risks of accounting for expenses and deductions for VAT, personal income tax and insurance premiums
  • Identification and analysis of other significant taxes and fees related to the specifics of the company's activities
  • Analysis of the main forms and methods of tax optimization used in the periods under review, identification and quantitative assessment of their inherent tax risks (if applicable)
  • Analysis of operations to identify tax assets

Resolution of tax disputes

  • Support of cameral and field tax audits, pre-audit measures of tax control
  • Escort to tax interrogations and tax commissions
  • Pre-trial settlement of tax disputes (objection to acts of inspections, preparation of complaints to higher tax authorities)
  • Judicial appeal against decisions based on the results of tax audits
  • Litigation on compensation for losses caused by tax authorities
  • Legal assistance in VAT refunds, tax refunds
  • Protection of management and owners from subsidiary liability for tax debts of companies

International tax planning

  • Tax structuring of a business with a foreign element
  • Advising on international taxation issues, including double taxation agreements, tax on income of foreign legal entities, taxation of VAT on cross-border transactions, withholding tax at the source of income
  • Consulting, analysis, structuring on CFC issues
  • Advice on automatic and bilateral exchange of financial information
  • Advice on tax and currency residency
  • Advice on currency legislation
  • Structuring deals

Customs law

  • Issues of application of customs legislation in the EAEU countries
  • Checking documents before import in order to avoid errors when declaring
  • Preparation of agreements that ensure the movement of goods across the border
  • Currency control issues
  • Selection of a classification code, forecast of the risk of adjusting the customs value
  • Inclusion of a trademark in TROIS
  • Obtaining a preliminary classification decision
  • Import of equipment to the authorized capital
  • Accompanying customs checks
  • Challenging decisions of customs authorities in court, recovery of damages

Transfer pricing

  • Taxation issues and diagnostics of applied approaches to transfer pricing
  • Development and improvement of transfer pricing methodologies
  • Preparation and improvement of TP reporting
  • Operational transfer pricing
  • Support during tax audits on transfer pricing
  • Transfer pricing and customs value
  • Support in concluding pricing agreements (APA) and conducting mutual agreement procedures (MAP)
Team of professionals
Our company provides legal support to the German Embassy in Moscow and the Foreign Trade Center of the Austrian Embassy in Moscow.
Elena Balashova
Managing partner
Member of the Board and Chairman of the Personnel Committee of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce
We are members of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce in Russia, the association of German-speaking law firms Advoselect, the German-Russian Association of Lawyers, and participants of the Russian-German and Austrian economic forums.
Anastasia Zaitseva
Head of Labor Practice
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