Mandatory labeling of goods is an honest SIGN

Since 2019, mandatory labeling of a number of goods in the national system of digital labeling of goods has been introduced in the Russian Federation. A special digital Data Matrix code, which is applied to the product when marking it, guarantees the authenticity and quality of the product. The main task of the system is to increase the level of security of citizens, the fight against counterfeit and low–quality analogues of goods.

The obligation to label goods is imposed on legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who import the goods listed below into the Russian Federation or manufacture them, and in some cases also trade them. It is necessary to label tobacco products, shoes, perfumes and toilet water, tires and tires, leather garments, some other types of clothing (blouses, coats and jackets), bedding and other types of underwear, as well as cameras (except movie cameras), flashlights and flash lamps. On the basis of special norms, fur clothing and medicines are also marked.

By 2024, the national labeling system should cover products from all industries.
To carry out marking, it is necessary to register in the Honest SIGN system, then submit an application to the operator of this system for obtaining marking codes and receive them, then apply them to the goods.

The legislation establishes administrative and criminal liability for violation of the requirements for labeling goods. Depending on the severity of the act, these are monetary fines, confiscation of products, forced labor or even imprisonment.