New registration rules: The Ministry of Internal Affairs answers questions in the TP

Along with the new waves of sanctions, many companies are also concerned about the new law "On Migration Registration ...", which deprives them of the opportunity to register foreign workers at their place of residence and shifts such a duty to landlords.

The fight against non–payment of taxes and illegal migration are goals that can only be welcomed. However, such innovations complicate the search for rental housing for foreign workers who are in Russia on the basis of a work visa, and thereby worsen the investment climate.

The Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade (VTP), in close cooperation with the Personnel Committee headed by Elena Balashova (Balashova Legal Consultants), during meetings and correspondence with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Presidential Administration, managed to achieve at least the first, minimal success: the new bill should introduce changes to labor-intensive and impractical provisions to make possible electronic registration, as well as registration of family members. Both VTP and other business associations insist on this.

The website of the VTP contains the answers of the GUVM of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to the transmitted questions and предложения