On June 29, 2018, the Eurasian Economic Commission held a round table meeting "The right to reside in the country of employment – a guarantee of the rights and freedoms of workers of the countries of

The EEC introduced its initiative on the need to grant citizens of the Union with long-term employment relations the right to temporary or permanent residence in the State of employment.

The meeting was attended by more than 20 experts, among whom was Elena Balashova, Head of the Personnel Committee of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, Managing Partner of Balashova Legal Consultants and Partner of Balashova Bruck and Partners.

All the speakers at the round table noted the urgency of the problem and highlighted a number of issues that have not yet been resolved and require a search for their solutions. These are, first of all, issues of medical care and the availability of other social benefits in the country of employment on an equal basis with the citizens of this state. These are issues of recognition of diplomas and qualification documents in the countries of the Union; issues of the possibility of granting loans for relocation to a new place of residence; issues of assessing the capabilities and needs of national economies in personnel, and a number of others.

Elena Balashova shared her experience of how these processes are built in the European Union, and raised the issue of the need for a unified migration regulation throughout the Union, including solving the issue of crossing the borders of the Union by citizens from other states; on the approval of the status of a citizen of the EAEU, on the convergence of labor and social legislation, and a number of others.