Retaliatory measures of visa nature against "unfriendly" countries

On April 04, 2022 the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation as of April 04, 2022 №183 "On retaliatory measures of visa nature in connection with unfriendly actions of foreign states" (hereinafter '"Decree") was published.

In accordance with the Decree, the Russian Federation (hereinafter "RF") has suspended certain provisions of the international treaties with the EU, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein on a simplified visa issuance regime. In particular, this rule shall be applied to the members of the official delegations, journalists, members of the national and regional governments and parliaments, constitutional and supreme courts and holders of the diplomatic passports. However, these measures do not affect foreign nationals who do not fall within these categories.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RF shall send the notifications to the missions of these countries in the RF on the suspension of the provisions of the international treaties of the RF, determined in the Decree.

Besides personal restrictions on entry into the RF and stay in the RF shall be introduced for foreign citizens, who commit unfriendly actions against the RF, its citizens and legal entities.