New measures to combat coronavirus

Due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation of coronavirus in the capital, the Mayor of Moscow signed Decree No. 42-UM of April 10, 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the "Decree"), according to which the work of most city organizations is temporarily limited or terminated for a week with a possible extension.

The exceptions are law enforcement agencies and state authorities, medical organizations, food and medical industry enterprises, manufacturers of personal protective equipment, financial structures, key enterprises of the defense industry, space, nuclear industry and critical infrastructure, communications and transport enterprises, and the media. At the same time, they should switch their employees to remote mode as much as possible.

However, organizations have the right to maintain the presence at their facilities of persons ensuring the protection and maintenance of these facilities, as well as the maintenance of processes that cannot be suspended with taking into account their technological features, persons who ensure the accrual and payment of wages.

The full list of activities of organizations and individual entrepreneurs whose activities are limited by the Decree is given in Annex 3 to the Decree.

In addition, by the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow dated April 11, 2020 No. 43-UM, digital passes for personal and public transport trips are being introduced in the capital.

The passes will be divided into three categories:
for trips related to the exercise of labor activity (issued for a period up to April 30 and is not limited by the route of movement);
for trips to medical institutions (issued for one day, the number of passes issued during the week is not limited);
for trips for personal purposes (issued for one day, but you can receive it no more than two once a week).
The list of valid reasons for travel is open, but the city authorities can check this information through information systems and with the help of control on roads and public transport.

Since April 15, passes are mandatory for trips.

Military personnel, law enforcement officers, state and municipal employees, judges, lawyers, notaries, journalists and security guards will be able to move without a digital pass if they have an appropriate service certificate.

Similar measures are being introduced on the territory of the Moscow region. The pass systems of Moscow and the region are connected.

You can find out more about the procedure for issuing passes in Moscow on the website or by phone +7 (495) 777-77-77.