The Government of the Russian Federation has proposed a bill simplifying the procedure for obtaining a RVP and a residence permit for foreign citizens

On July 9, 2019, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill simplifying the procedure for granting temporary residence permits (RVPs) and residence permits (residence permits) to foreign citizens.

The draft law proposes to issue RVPs to certain categories of foreign citizens without taking into account the quota approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, and to reduce (from six to four months) the terms of consideration of applications for the issuance of RVPs. According to the draft law, foreign citizens who were born on the territory of the Russian Federation, are married to a citizen of the Russian Federation, have made investments in the Russian Federation in the amount established by the government of the Russian Federation, etc. will be eligible to receive a RVP without taking into account the quota.

It is also proposed to expand the circle of foreign citizens who can obtain a residence permit without obtaining a PRTR. This category, in particular, will include foreign citizens whose close relatives are citizens of the Russian Federation, children of foreign citizens permanently residing in the Russian Federation, as well as citizens recognized as native speakers of the Russian language. In addition, highly qualified specialists and their family members who have been working in the Russian Federation for at least six months by profession, which gives the right to receive citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner, will be able to apply for a simplified procedure for obtaining a residence permit.