Competition of the German-Russian Legal Prize 2022

The German-Russian Association of Lawyers (GRAU), the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK), the Eastern Committee of the German Economy (OA), the Center for Eastern European Law Graz (ZOR), the Institute of Law and Economics, Wiesbaden (WILE) and the Eastern Wismar Institute (Ostinstitut) announce the German-Russian Legal Prize competition for the twelfth time 2022.

The prize will be awarded for outstanding works, the subject of which is a comparative legal analysis of the law of Russia and German-speaking countries. Russia and the German-speaking countries are closely linked historically, culturally, economically, politically and legally. The purpose of the award is to promote the exchange of experience in the field of law
between Russia and Germany/Austria/Switzerland and, above all, the encouragement of young lawyers involved in this scientific topic.

The prize is awarded for one student and one scientific work in each language (Russian and German). The amount of the award is 1,000 euros for each work (i.e. only 4,000 euros).

The selection of works submitted to the competition is carried out by a special competent jury; first of all, comparative legal and innovative ideas will be taken into account.

Any scientific works (dissertations, monographs, bachelor's, master's and diploma works, scientific articles, etc.) written or published in 2020-2021 in Russian or German, the subject of research of which is a comparative legal analysis of the law of Russia and German-speaking countries in any legal field, can be submitted to the competition

Works for participation in the competition are accepted until 31.12.2021. by email to: ;or by regular mail to the address (the date of the post stamp is taken into account):
Wiesbaden Institute for Law and Economics
z. Hd. Prof. Dr. Rainer Wedde
Lerchenweg 14, D- 65232 Taunusstein, Germany

More detailed information can be found on the , and you can also contact Prof. Dr. Vedde at the above email address.