New procedure for informing employees about working conditions

Federal Law No. 311-FZ of July 02, 2021 amended the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

In particular, since March 1, 2022, employers have a new obligation to inform employees about their right to receive information about working conditions and labor protection, about occupational risks and their levels, about measures to protect against the effects of harmful and (or) hazardous production factors, about guarantees, compensations and personal protective equipment, about the use of devices that are used for video and audio recording in order to monitor the safety of work.

Methods of informing about labor rights, as well as an approximate list of information materials, were approved by the Order of the Ministry of Labor No. 773n dated October 29, 2021.
According to the order, the ways to inform employees about their labor rights are to familiarize themselves with the terms of the employment contract, which specifies the employee's labor rights and information about working conditions, with the results of a special assessment of working conditions, with information about existing occupational risks and their levels, with the requirements of the job description, instructions on labor protection, a list of issued at the workplace the place of personal protective equipment, the requirements of the rules (standards) on labor protection and other local regulations of the employer.
The employer can also use additional forms of informing employees: place posters, designate dangerous areas with special signs (markings, signal colors), issue corporate periodicals, show videos, send e-mail materials with information about the labor rights of employees, etc.