Grounds for obtaining an indefinite residence permit for the VKS

The Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation No. 407 of 08.06.2020 approved a new Administrative Regulation on the issuance of temporary residence permits to foreign citizens, which allows highly qualified specialists (VKS) and their family members to receive a temporary residence permit without taking into account quotas in the region where a foreign citizen is allowed to work.

According to the existing procedure, after receiving a RVP and staying in the territory of the Russian Federation for at least 8 months, a foreign citizen has the right to apply for an indefinite residence permit (residence permit). Thus, VCS who want to permanently reside and work in Russia, but are not married to Russian citizens and do not have children / parents who are citizens of the Russian Federation, have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit without expiration date.

Recall that earlier the VKS had the right to apply for a residence permit on the basis of a work permit (PHP), however, the document was issued with a limited validity period and depended on the validity period of the PHP.

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