Emergency departure of foreign citizens from the Russian Federation

Due to the current situation, many foreign citizens, including those engaged in labor activity on the territory of the Russian Federation on the basis of work permits for highly qualified specialists (VKS), decide to leave the territory of the Russian Federation for an indefinite period.

In this case, it should be taken into account that in order to maintain the status of the VKS, the employer must charge the employee a salary of at least 167,000 rubles per month. If it is impossible to calculate wages (for example, leave at your own expense), the minimum amount of wages within one quarter should be 501,000 rubles before taxes. In addition, the period of stay of a foreign citizen abroad should not exceed 6 months. If this period is exceeded, the VKS work permit may be revoked.

A similar rule applies to VCS who have a residence permit in the Russian Federation issued on the basis of a work permit of the VCS, as well as foreign citizens who have a temporary residence permit (RVP) and a residence permit (residence permit) in the Russian Federation. RVP and residence permit can also be canceled if a foreign citizen is outside the Russian Federation for more than 6 months in a calendar year.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if an employee's employment contract does not provide for remote work, departure to the country of residence that is not agreed with the employer can be considered as absence from the workplace without valid reasons with subsequent consequences, up to dismissal.

For our part, we are ready to promptly support on the issues of paperwork in connection with a temporary change in the place of work of a foreign employee, a new way of interacting with him, as well as the termination of an employment contract in the event of an uncoordinated absence of a foreign employee at work.